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Serving the Joplin Metro Area and surrounding communities

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Real Estate Photography

Serving the Joplin Metro Area and surrounding communities

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About Dahle Real Estate Photography

Hey there! I'm Seth, and I'd love to share my photography journey with you. It all started in 2018 when my wife Moriah and I planned our honeymoon to Kauai, Hawaii. I knew the trip would be filled with amazing sights, so we bought an entry level Nikon camera from BestBuy just for the occasion. At the time, it was a lot of money, but one of the best investments I've ever made!

As we explored Kauai, I couldn't help but fall in love with photography. I realized that I could capture memories, tell stories, and share the beauty of the world through my lens. I was hooked!

Once back home, I started taking photos of families, capturing their special moments and telling their stories. It was so rewarding to see how much joy my photos brought them, and it inspired me to keep growing as a photographer.

Then, something amazing happened. I was hired by the #1 Real Estate Group in Joplin! This opened up a whole new world of photography for me. Over the past five years, I've been perfecting my skills and showcasing properties in a way that really shows the homes as they're meant to be seen!

Today, I'm a passionate real estate photographer with with an eye for detail and a love for storytelling. I enjoy bringing out the true essence of a home through my photos and making it stand out from the rest.

To me, home photography goes beyond merely taking wide-angle shots and making rooms appear overly spacious. It's about showcasing the devotion and effort homeowners have put into their homes. The goal is to present the home in an appealing manner, allowing prospective buyers to feel comfortable and confident when considering it as their potential forever home.

So, come along with me on this awesome adventure! Together, we'll create something beautiful!